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    Being a planner obsessed...Bhasad Planner is one of the most quirky & wonderful planner i came across in the recent times. It's always in my bag & I love to flaunt it everywhere I go.
    Firdaus Peerzada
    Fashion Blogger
    Have been using it since so long! My day starts with Bhasad Planner & ends with Bhasad Planner! Life is so stressfull but a planner like this one is keeping everything well organized. Thank you! 🙂
    Snehal Boricha
    Great for stationary lovers esp. planner lovers 🙂 Can be easily carried in a bag & the design helps to make things as per the importance of task! Great one!
    Niharika Verma
    Lifestyle Blogger

    Do Your Bit

    People with basic civic sense never litter. They’re a breed who will keep a candy wrapper in their pocket after eating and will throw when they find a dustbin.

    While eating/drinking in car we keep our car’s trash in the space available in the car’s door or some use polythene to keep it. When convenient solution to the problem.

    This is how the idea of ‘FENKU’ was born!

    ‘FENKU’ is made from eco-friendly cotton. Can be easily hanged by car’s gear stick. Trash it & re-use it. Ideal to gift our friends who complain about system but don’t do anything. It’s time for us to do our bit. No country is perfect, people make it perfect.

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    Office Accessories – Life is all about choices. Your choice, use it as a paperweight or as a tissue box holder. We ain’t gonna stop you. Use it the Fu**ing way you like it, don’t tell us but upload a picture on Instagram. If you’re reading this, we take it that you are someone who is very resourceful. You do things uniquely & differently. If it’s usual, it isn’t you. Tiny Hammer/Kunda to hold the important papers. An ice breaker. We bet it ain’t available on IKEA’s of the world!

    Be a minimalist. it’s high time.

    Quirky Visiting Card Holder, for your real-self.

    • ‎Stainless steel with a joyful message
    • Ample space for storing your ID card, credit card, Debit Card and gift card in true style with this sleek card case.
    • Sleek and Slim Design – Easy to handle, carry and store.
    • 6 quirky card holders for the unpretentious professional in you.


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    We make sure that the products fit your budget while fulfilling all requirements from the look & feel to the usability of the products.

    Problem Solving Product

    While creating products our main focus is on making something which solves a problem and should definitely have a premium experience expressing the culture of the organizion.

    Original Concept

    All the products we have invented till now cannot be found anywhere on the internet. We believe in keeping it real and keep innovating day & night.

    Conversation Starter

    All of our products are filled quirk & inspiration. People can't stop themselves from asking about them and hence they are proven to be great ice-breakers. Our clients don't hesitate flaunting.


    We make products that are useful. It gives great satisfaction to the users & a worthy feeling to the giver. In most cases it ends up to be a delight for someone from the receiver's family.


    We create products that can easily be used as a promotional / festival merchandise, hence all of them are available for personal branding.

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    Ideas for gifts for boss or for someone that matters on a special day is a blessing. However you will have to burn your time rather burning hole in your pocket. You want it to be special because it is a gift for someone special. Wouldn’t it be great if someone could meet and show you all the best gift shops in Delhi and all over India. From gifts for dealers to premium gifts for clients, we take care of all kinds of best corporate gifts 2019. Ideas for corporate gifts on new year 2019 E.g. if you have to buy new year calendar 2019. We have been working in the gifting industry since almost 2 years now and have started completing our product families. We have almost a dozen of affordable gifts for your employees, which will not only be loved by them but will also remind them about your brand whenever they use it.
    The culture of gifting the same old creative sweet boxes gifts, blankets, customized tshirts, glowing pens has been in existence since decades now. Here’s where we get in the picture, and we are here to change the game. We are not focused on outsourcing foreign products and selling them online with a margin. In fact we are concerned about the relationships that a business owner has to maintain. We create corporate gifts for people who matter, to you & to your business. Our motive is not maximizing profit or boasting number of likes, instead we focus on bringing out the best corporate gifts 2019 for our clients.