Defence Colony, New Delhi

About Us

Live a Bhasad Free Life!


We all have to wear formals to office today, can’t really bump into the manager in our shorts. Can we? We pretend even if we don’t want to, because ‘karnapadtahai’! But then doesn’t our ‘Phatipurani college wali jeans’, that we simply would not let go of, represent who we really are-Cool, carefree, willing and capable to challenge the world head on?

There are many things that we have to do. But deep down we all crave to do things that we want to do so that we at least have an answer when someone asks ‘Ye BataoApneLiye Kya Karte ho’?

It was this thought that brought us together, a pack of creative animals, together on a quest to design products that help every free thinker stay connected to ‘THE REAL ME’, that doesn’t GET USED TO!!

Products that help us to physically ‘live our thoughts’!!

Products that ‘speak our identity’!!

Products that allow us to flaunt the ‘rebellious, notorious me’!!

For Example, Our first product, the BhasadBhagao Planner is our shot at helping people stay organized but with a cool Desi Tadka. With words like ‘Bhasad’, ‘O Teri Ki’, ‘Bhains Ki Aankh’ that we normally can not use with our white-collar managers and admins.

But these are the words that we use while talking to our ‘Chaddi-buddies’. And these are the words that truly ‘speak our minds’.