Today’s challenges are that we are doing a lot of things every day, but rarely getting it done in a given time. There are so many things to achieve in so less time. Therefore, here are a few things to remind us why is it important to maintain a checklist and how we can celebrate this day.

1) Organized.
Well, obviously it’s proven that writing a checklist, keeps you organized. You have your thoughts and tasks in a single sheet. Why not start today by writing one and see if that changes anything?

2) Visual reminder.
Keeping a checklist is actually a visual reminder of what needs to be done in an entire day.

3) Accomplish.
A checklist helps you achieve your goals faster. Imagine a day full of things to do and you get it done before leaving the workplace. You will be really amazed to see what a simple checklist could do.


1) Make a checklist. Write everything down.
2) Cross out the things that you have achieved.
3) Celebrate the victory of getting all the things done. Yaay!

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