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  • People with basic civic sense never litter. They’re a breed who will keep a candy wrapper in their pocket after eating and will throw when they find a dustbin.

    While eating/drinking in car we keep our car’s trash in the space available in the car’s door or some use polythene to keep it. When convenient solution to the problem.

    This is how the idea of ‘FENKU’ was born!

    ‘FENKU’ is made from eco-friendly cotton. Can be easily hanged by car’s gear stick. Trash it & re-use it. Ideal to gift our friends who complain about system but don’t do anything. It’s time for us to do our bit. No country is perfect, people make it perfect.

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    butterly yours

    We Indians are hypocrites. We can invent Kamasutra but can’t talk about sex. Mahihna Mahwari & monthly menstrual cycle are common words for a female getting into puberty. If there was no menstrual cycle neither me nor you were born. But we don’t want to talk about it.

    Those 5-6 days are full of pain, mood swings & no one else but only a woman can handle that. Sanitary pad is the only saviour but always a worry where/how to dispose them off discretely? We wonder why we had to think of making this product, just because we look at things differently
    or with open mind.

    Introducing ‘WRAPCHIC’, a handy pouch for your girly handbag. Ditch the Pain.
    Just WRAP it, SEAL it & DUMP it.

    Our Vision

    Innovation and Creativity is surely the key to the door of success and an initiative is always the first step. But in the world where specialised ones sell, creativity sinks into the depth of ocean. So, if you need a change then you should be the change and we are the change in the world of promotional brand merchandise.