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Hangover Kit

We have seen different personalities of people when they are hung-over. Some become cranky and some even promise not to drink anymore. Well, after going through a similar situation, we have curated this super handy and environment-friendly pouch inside which, it has the cure for your hangover.  You can keep it in your car, your home or anywhere you like and come to the rescue of those who need it. ( Come on, you always don’t need a cape to become a hero)

The hangover kit contains

  1. Saridon Tablets-4 nos.
  2. Band-aid- 1 no
  3. Coffee- 1 no
  4. Eye Mask- 1 no
  5. Condom-1 no
  6. Mouth Freshener- 2 nos
  7. JalJeera- 1 no
  8. Eno– 1 no

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P.S.-  Live a Bhasad Free live with Butterly Yours


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