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  • Month: January 2018

    Kick out obstacles

    Kiss Your Golden Time and Kick Out Obstacles To Count Stars In Life!

    Kiss Your Golden Time and Kick Out Obstacles To Count Stars In Life! Most of the individual are lazy laggards in nature and what do you think, isn’t it the biggest obstacle in one’s life? Yes, it is, and perhaps no matter how many times we wish to correct it, we fail due to strong […]


    Merchandise Campaigns: When ROI on Your Gifts Really Matter

    It’s been a year to our article on Huffington Post. I have shared the link below for you to read. Most of us have been handed our share of cheap mugs emblazoned with a company brand name. It’s a fairly standard practice in promotional campaigns to offload generic doodads on potential customers or some other […]

    subway marketing

    What Businesses Value More Than Money Today

    The article was written by our guest writer. You can read it here Did I just say that businesses value something more than money? How is that even possible? Aren’t businesses all about making money (and maybe solving an unsolved problem in the process)? Let me illustrate- In the image above, did you look at the […]

    World Checklist Day


    WHY IS A CHECKLIST A DAY IMPORTANT? BEING MORE EFFECTIVE: The Benefits of Using Checklists Today’s challenges are that we are doing a lot of things every day, but rarely getting it done in a given time. There are so many things to achieve in so less time. Therefore, here are a few things to […]



    DIVA-ALI                           Diwali or Deepawali naah! It’s DIVA-ALI from now on, folks. Yes, we can’t think normal & hell yes we will sail against the tides. DIVA: Every female is a ‘Gift of God’ & God’s most powerful yet elegant creation. ‘Diva’ is also fondly pronounced […]