(Car Dustbin) We don’t love our country. HELL YES, we’re generalizing. We don’t litter when we’re abroad & the moment we land in India, we’re in same ‘SAB CHALTA ATTITUDE’.

So Bakchodi ya Action?

‘Kooda fenkna hai to FENKU mein fenko!’

This buddy is designed for the people especially who’re driving or on the move most of the time. Imagine a toll road slip, an empty coke can, seeds of orange or a chocolate wrapper, where do they go normally? Now for sure in FENKU. Just empty in dustbin and reuse. We need to be change agents by doing our bit. Bole Toh Action 🙂


 * Eco-friendly

* Easy to use

* Good god gifting

P.S. For school & corporate inquiries mail us at butterlyyours@gmail.com


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