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    Why Promotional Merchandising for Brands?

    What comes to your mind when someone says promotional merchandising? I guess, promotion
    and a lot of investment. Surely promotion does sound good but an investment is just another
    synonym to pain. Isn’t it? But it hurts even more when you give those promotional giveaways for

    If you really don’t have an idea why you are investing your money into free promotion then
    for a noble cause. The question still stands why do brands invest a whole lot of money in
    giving free goodies with their brand’s logo printed on it. The answer is for customer loyalty
    and brand visibility.
    creative merchandise
    In today’s competitive market it is really hard to find customers, and what is harder is to have
    a hold over them. The customer is the king and the market revolves around him. Now
    coming back to the question what will a product with my brand’s name on it can do? To be
    straightforward it can do wonders.
    But it can only do wonders when you are actually placing it right and either you are creating the
    demand right or fulling the existing one. There has to 
    be a strategy(relevance) behind these
    promotional give-aways because without a strategy these 
    marketing activities are like a sword
     with the hilt or sharp edges i.e. useless.
    There are many things to be thought about before investing your hard earned money in the
    promotion. But marketing is the key if you are selling unique products or you have tapped
    into a competitive marketing atmosphere. Moreover, promotional brand merchandise is a
    good way out from all this mess, as by giving your loyal customers a gift as a token of love
    from your side and which would intrigue them and will keep them engaged with your brand.
    But most importantly it should be useful so whenever they use it they recall your brand.
    This is where most of the brands find challenge.  As they don’t get innovative promotional products
    & they give it usual items for free and when someone isn’t using that free item,  will he be
    remembering your brand?
    So the crux of this whole post is this promotional brand merchandise is a good form of
    marketing, only if you are doing something innovative with it. If not then it is another crap to
    be trashed and dumped. And if you are looking forward to running a marketing campaign
    which involves promotional brand merchandise but you don’t know what to use for
    promotion. Then contact Butterly Yours for an unforgettable marketing campaign.

    Want an idea for the best promotional brand merchandise?

    Don’t hesitate, innovate and elevate your brand with
    butterly yours

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